This article will introduce 9 mainstream AI detection tools and analyze the effects, differences and prices of different tools.

1. Winston AI – Unmasking AI-Generated Text with Precision

When it comes to AI detectors for written content, Winston AI stands out as one of the best in the business. Its primary mission is to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text, and it accomplishes this with a remarkable 99% accuracy rate for ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard, according to their internal testing. But what makes Winston AI truly exceptional is its user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to navigate. It even allows you to save your reports, so you can revisit your results without the need to re-run tests.

Key Features of Winston AI:

  • – Exceptional accuracy in identifying potential AI-generated content.
  • – Advanced plagiarism detection and readability assessment.
  • – Team plans to facilitate collaborative workspaces.

Winston AI doesn’t just stop at AI detection; it brings a plethora of high-quality tools to the table. When it comes to AI detection, it categorizes portions of text into “Likely AI-generated,” “Possibly AI-generated,” and “Unlikely AI-generated” sections, each color-coded for quick identification. Additionally, it is proficient at spotting and reporting plagiarism, providing details on the plagiarized text and its original source.


Ideal For:

Winston AI is the go-to AI detection tool for users who require scanning multiple file types and formats. It supports pasted text, images with optical character recognition (OCR), and uploaded documents (PDF, Word, etc.). Moreover, it excels as an advanced plagiarism detector for verifying submitted text.

Pricing: Winston AI offers free plans, with paid plans starting at $18 per month.

2. Originality.ai – Harnessing AI Power for Content Detection

Originality.ai is a leading tool that leverages the capabilities of AI in the realm of content detection. It’s a favorite among users for its ability to swiftly and accurately identify AI-generated content, ensuring the authenticity and originality of written material. This tool is tailored for real-time detection of AI-generated content, making it an invaluable asset for those seeking quick verification of content authenticity. Its rapid yet reliable analysis establishes it as a dependable partner for upholding the integrity of your content.

Notably, Originality.ai also offers a Chrome extension, enabling you to perform text analysis on the go, no matter where your web browsing takes you.


Key Features of Originality.ai:

  • – Industry-leading accuracy in detecting AI-generated content.
  • – Real-time identification of AI-generated content.
  • – Convenient Google Chrome extension.
  • – Detailed breakdown of AI and human-generated text.
  • – API for large-scale text analysis.

Originality.ai empowers authors to scan various types of content. You can input content directly on the website, connect to its API, or analyze content from specific URLs. Most importantly, it assesses all content to determine the likelihood of AI generation, identifies plagiarism, and even assesses readability.

Ideal For:

Originality.ai caters to content creators, editors, and digital marketers who require rapid verification of content originality. Its real-time detection capabilities make it a valuable tool in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence. It’s a perfect choice for digital marketers who must ensure their content is unique to maintain brand reputation and SEO rankings. Additionally, it offers user seats for enhanced team collaboration.

Pricing: Monthly plans start at $14.95 per month, with pay-as-you-go credits available, starting at $30.

3. GPTZero – Streamlined AI Detection with an Educational Focus

GPTZero is a tool designed with simplicity as its guiding principle. Primarily tailored for educators and educational institutions, GPTZero offers a suite of academic-focused plagiarism detection tools. It serves as a straightforward solution for identifying AI-generated content. While its simplicity may appeal to some users, it might be deemed overly simplistic by others. However, its integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Microsoft Word are anything but simplistic.

Notably, Originality.ai also offers a Chrome extension, enabling you to perform text analysis on the go, no matter where your web browsing takes you.


Key Features of GPTZero:

  • – User-friendly interface for straightforward AI text checks.
  • – Rapid content analysis, with a focus on specific models (GPT 3, Bard, etc.).
  • – Seamless integration with MS Word and LMS platforms.

Given its educational focus, GPTZero’s ability to scan AI-generated content directly within a Word document can save significant time. No more tedious copying and pasting back and forth as you verify your work.

Ideal For:

GPTZero is an excellent choice for educators and department heads exploring AI applications in academic work. Its clean design makes it particularly appealing to those new to AI content detection, seeking a user-friendly tool. GPTZero is uniquely positioned to assist educational organizations in transitioning to the AI-driven future.

Pricing: GPTZero offers free usage on their website, with API access potentially incurring costs based on usage.

4. Sapling AI Detector – Pinpointing AI-Generated Content with Precision

Sapling, renowned for its range of AI tools, also offers an AI content detection solution. This tool is engineered to deliver highly accurate identification of AI-generated content. Its ability to discern AI-generated content, even within short text snippets of as little as 50 words, makes it a dependable choice for users dealing with concise content. Furthermore, its color-coded results simplify result interpretation, rendering it a user-friendly tool for safeguarding content originality.

A subscription grants access to the AI content detector, along with sentence autocomplete and more. Designed for customer support and sales teams, it generates comprehensive reports to aid in coaching and training, thus improving performance over time.


Key Features of Sapling AI Detector:

  • – Offers an overall percentage of inauthentic content.
  • – Provides API access for bulk or application-based content checks.
  • – Integrates seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and email clients.

Sapling provides another robust option for AI content detection. It also offers a useful browser extension and API for extended use.

Ideal For:

Sapling is most suitable for customer support and sales professionals, although the integration of content detection tools with Sapling’s broader use cases might require some imagination. However, focusing on its text generation detection aspect, it offers a robust tool. Paid plans, featuring higher word count limits for detection, are priced on the higher side, necessitating organizations to leverage the full suite of features to justify the costs.

Pricing: Free usage is available on their website, with paid plans offering longer character limits starting at $25 per month.

5. Writer.com AI Content Detector – Elevating Content Quality and Detecting AI Origins

Writer.com transcends the role of a mere writing assistant, evolving into an all-in-one platform dedicated to enhancing your writing and identifying AI-generated content (you can demo the AI Content Detector here). This versatile tool ensures content adheres to grammatical correctness and uniqueness. It serves as a holistic solution for content creation and examination, focusing not only on detecting AI-generated content but also enhancing the overall quality of your writing.

Primarily catering to enterprises, Writer.com is an all-encompassing solution, capable of integrating with your proprietary data and brand/voice guidelines to create and refine content aligned with your business objectives.


Key Features of Writer.com:

  • – Offers grammatical suggestions, tone recommendations, and a plagiarism checker.
  • – Capable of detecting AI-generated content from URLs or pasted text.
  • – Allows free checking of up to 1,500 characters.
  • – Features a variety of other AI writing tools and functionalities.

Writer.com goes far beyond content scanning for AI origins. Its AI detection tools are seamlessly integrated with its content generation capabilities, making it a versatile tool for writers.

Ideal For:

Writer.com is the perfect choice for professional writers and copywriters seeking to ensure the quality and originality of their content. Its comprehensive features make it an ideal tool for those eager to enhance their writing while safeguarding its authenticity. Content marketers looking to maintain content quality, originality, and enhance their writing skills will also find Writer.com to be a valuable asset.

Pricing: Plans start at $18 per user per month.

6. Copyleaks – Unmasking AI-Generated Content with Ease

Copyleaks offers a user-friendly AI content detection tool on their website. This complimentary service employs AI-based contextual analysis to scrutinize text. Additionally, it provides a Chrome Extension for real-time AI content detection while browsing. This tool is purpose-built for identifying AI-generated academic content. It doesn’t merely focus on identifying AI-generated content; it delves into the various types of AI-driven content that can impact the integrity of submitted work.


Key Features of Copyleaks:

  • – Straightforward plagiarism and AI detection.
  • – Integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.
  • – Real-time detection through a Chrome Extension.

Copyleaks’ significant partnerships with LMS platforms bring this critical technology closer to the academic realm, ensuring the honesty and integrity of written assignments. They also offer tools to assist educators in grading assignments fairly and impartially.

Ideal For:

Copyleaks is the perfect choice for educators, students, and content creators seeking a versatile tool to identify AI-generated content. Its capability to assess a wide array of AI-driven content makes it a valuable asset in academic and professional settings. Educators benefit from it by ensuring the originality of their students’ work, while students can verify the authenticity of their assignments.

Price: Plans start as low as $10.99 per month, with a limited free version available.

7. CrossPlag AI Content Detector – Precision AI Detection with User-Friendly Design

CrossPlag AI is a tool engineered to spot AI-generated content with precision. It prioritizes simplicity, making it a favored choice for users in need of rapid and accurate results. Its intuitive interface and swift detection process establish it as a reliable tool for preserving the integrity of your content. Notably, it employs a unique thermometer scale graphic to visually convey confidence levels in AI-generated content, simplifying result interpretation for users.


Key Features of CrossPlag:

  • – Thermometer scale for visual representation of confidence levels.
  • – Pricing options tailored for individuals and institutions.
  • – Commitment to data protection by not storing submitted content.

Copyleaks’ significant partnerships with LMS platforms bring this critical technology closer to the academic realm, ensuring the honesty and integrity of written assignments. They also offer tools to assist educators in grading assignments fairly and impartially.

Ideal For:

CrossPlag’s user roles make it an excellent choice for teams. Teams of writers and editors can efficiently check for AI-generated content and plagiarism.

Price: Pricing starts at $9.99 for 5,000 words, with various pricing tiers available for organizations.

8. Content at Scale AI Text Detector – Unlocking Deeper Insights into Content Authenticity

Content at Scale stands out as a distinctive tool, incorporating an AI detector into its broader AI writing platform. This comprehensive solution aims to empower users with profound insights into the authenticity of their content. Beyond the mere identification of AI-generated content, it aids users in comprehending the rationale behind the AI detection verdict. Its standout feature, the “Human Content Score,” offers a meticulous content analysis, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand why a piece of content might be flagged as AI-generated.


Key Features of Content at Scale:

  • – Unique Human Content Score.
  • – Swift determination of content origin.
  • – Comprehensive insights into the reasoning behind the scoring.

Content at Scale provides an additional, compelling option worth considering. What sets it apart is its transparent scoring breakdown, making it easy to understand and act upon.

Ideal For:

Content at Scale is an optimal tool for businesses and content creators desiring a deeper comprehension of their content’s authenticity. The unique scoring system delivers a detailed content analysis, making it an exceptional choice for those keen on understanding the reasons behind a piece of content being identified as AI-generated. It proves particularly advantageous for content teams responsible for generating extensive content volumes while seeking assistance in writing and analyzing their work.

Pricing: Starting at $250 per month for the entire SEO writing platform, including AI content detection.

9. AIUNDETECT: The Ultimate AI Content Detector

AIUNDETECT is not just another AI content detection tool; it’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for. With the power to seamlessly integrate the capabilities of the top eight AI detectors, AIUNDETECT simplifies the process of identifying AI-generated content. This groundbreaking tool ensures peace of mind, allowing you to verify the authenticity of your content with a single click.


Key Features of AIUNDETECT:

  • – Unified AI Detection: AIUNDETECT integrates the strengths of the best AI content detectors, streamlining your content authenticity checks. It effortlessly combines the functionalities of Winston AI, Originality.ai, GPTZero, Sapling AI Detector, Writer.com AI Content Detector, Copyleaks, CrossPlag AI Content Detector, and Content at Scale AI Text Detector.
  • – User-Friendly Interface: AIUNDETECT offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes AI content detection accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise. The straightforward design ensures that you can navigate the tool with ease.
  • – Human-Like Rewrite Functionality: AIUNDETECT takes content integrity to the next level by providing a human-like rewrite feature. With this functionality, you can transform AI-generated text into 100% authentic, human-written content. Whether you’re a student, educator, content creator, or professional writer, AIUNDETECT has you covered.

AIUNDETECT is the ultimate tool for those seeking a comprehensive and effortless AI content detection experience. It simplifies the detection process, combining the strengths of eight detectors into one, while also offering a humanizing rewrite feature. Whether you’re looking to ensure the originality of academic assignments, verify the authenticity of content, or maintain your professional reputation, AIUNDETECT is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Pricing: AIUNDETECT offers competitive pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of users, ensuring accessibility for all. Try AIUNDETECT today and experience a new era of AI content detection and content improvement.